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Intel® 智能系统联盟成员的知识和经验,为正在寻找优秀的嵌入式应用解决方案的 OEM 提供了强大的竞争优势。 联盟生态系统计划包括四个成员等级。 从最高到最低分别是: 高级成员、准成员、附属成员和普通成员。 成员等级越高,与 Intel 就更密切保持一致。 通过这些等级,成员们提供的基于 Intel® 产品的性能、可扩展性、可管理性、安全性和连接性也越来越高级。 而且等级越高,相应也可参与更多的联合市场开发活动,包括联盟成员创立的计划,以及 Intel 利用新产品为 OEM 客户培植市场的宣传活动。


Premier members consistently deliver cutting edge IoT solutions based on the latest Intel® platforms. These companies participate as trusted advisors with Intel executive sponsors representing them within Intel. They collaborate with Intel at the highest level to align their technical roadmaps and programs with ours, optimizing the entire development lifecycle of their Intel® processor-based products for the benefit of their customers. They take advantage of joint marketing and underwriting of key market development programs that help OEMs and end customers understand the benefits of Intel® processors and technologies in embedded IoT applications.


Associate members collaborate closely with Intel, aligning their technical roadmaps and programs, and optimizing development in sync with Intel platform releases. They participate in training, education, market development, and other ecosystem activities that help them deliver top solutions based on the latest Intel architecture, as well as expand the market for embedded IoT systems based on Intel products.




Members in this tier receive promotional, educational and business networking benefits, including access to a members-only Web site, invitations to Alliance events and training, and inclusion in the Alliance Solutions Directory.