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InsydeH2O - EFI Framework

InsydeH2O - EFI Framework

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Next generation PC firmware technology and a product line aimed at replacing the traditional PC BIOS (Basic Input Output System). InsydeH2O is Insyde Software's newest and most advanced product family for managing PC compatibility and interoperability. The technology is based on EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) and implements the "Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI." InsydeH2O will reduce the time-to-market and overall cost of bringing new computing platforms to market. InsydeH2O provides ODM and OEM computer makers the following key benefits:

- Faster time to market for new hardware platforms.
- Compatible firmware and development environment across an OEM's entire product line.
- Streamlined method for testing and qualifying PCs in manufacturing line.
- Greater productivity and lower costs to developing and maintaining firmware technology.


03 Nov 2006