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Embedded Graphics Drivers for Intel® Processors

Embedded Graphics Drivers for Intel® Processors

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ALT Software enables Intel's GenX and Intel® Atom™ graphics in embedded platforms. Their OpenGL ES and OpenGL SC graphics drivers are used in mil-aero platforms, medical devices, automotive infotainment systems, industrial devices and consumer electronics by Tier 1 manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Boeing, General Dynamics, Maquet Critical Care, Smiths, Delphi, Ferrari, Magneti Marelli and many others.

ALT supports the full range of graphics performance requirements in embedded devices, from software only rendering to high performance hardware accelerated graphics. ALT's graphics solutions support most system configurations and all popular embedded and real-time operating systems.

ALT Software's graphics drivers for Intel Platforms include support the following:

Embedded and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) supported:
Wind River VxWorks, Green Hills Integrity, Microsoft WinCE, Honeywell Deos, QNX, Pyke OS, embedded Linux variants & customer proprietary RTOS

Graphics APIs:
- OpenGL ES 1.1, OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL SC (Safety Critical), OpenGL 1.4 + GLU, GLUT GLX, OpenVG, and custom ALT API extensions (e.g. video)
- Microsoft DirectX,
- Wind River WindML,
- Embedded X11 / X Server
- OpenGL ES / OpenGL SC Software Rasterizer - an efficient, small footprint software library that performs software-based graphics rendering for both general-purpose and safety critical systems.
- CoreGL optimized 2D graphics library

Graphics Software for Safety and Life Critical Environments:
- Avionics: FAA / EASA DO-178B Level A certifiable OpenGL ES SC graphics drivers and certification evidence
- Medical: FDA compliant graphics drivers for Class III Medical devices

Software Development Services:
- Custom API development, Intel driver enhancements and graphics libraries that can be ported and customized for any embedded platform
- Application design, development and performance optimization to enable devices and applications to take full advantage of the underlying graphics hardware, engine, and drivers
- Software development services to assist customers with safety and life critical device approval.


07 Dec 2010